The global corruption of medicine

The American people no longer trust the CDC, the FDA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, Congress, medical doctors, nurses and hospitals. This tells why and how to save your life.

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USA covid facts from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)of the CDC and FDA as of January 2022
** Learn why everyone in America who is vaccinated may suffer various serious lifelong injuries.
* See why government documents prove the vaccines are less than 1% effective.


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The Shocking Truth

Watch the videos. Read carefully. Save your life.

Why did Pfizer lie?

They said, “Take the vaccine and you’ll never get sick from covid 19.” Watch the video. Now you know less than one percent protection from covid is next to nothing. Pfizer lied because they knew no one would take this vaccine for less than one percent protection. They said serious adverse reactions are rare but the truth is shocking and scientists, doctors, immunologists, and others are reporting the truth. Why is it important to know this? Because if you have been vaccinated even one time you’re going to have big troubles. Every covid vaccination or booster increases your risk. Watch videos. Read. Think. 

Insurance industry knows

OneAmerica Life Insurance CEO Scott Davison tells the Indiana Chamber of Commerce they’re seeing alarming death rates related to companies that require their employees to be vaccinated putting them at risk to debilitating diseases and death. He says, “We are seeing right now the highest death rates we’ve ever seen in the history of this business. … the data is consistent across every player …. death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic…. 40% is just unheard of… The deaths reported as covid death greatly understate the actual death losses  …. We’re seeing up tick in disability claims …. long term.”

Why are they dying?

Dr. Robert Malone is the scientist, virologist, and medical expert who invented the mRNA vaccine technology used by Pfizer and others.

Regarding what the insurance industry sees about the the death rate among vaccinated workers, Dr. Malone says, “These are people who are likely to have been highly jabbed because they’ve been under employer mandates.” “This suggests that these people have an enormously increased mortality rate compared to the general population …  no question … the federal policies are an abject failure.

Huge problems coming

Dr. Richard M. Fleming, a renown, Phd, MD, JD, is on the forefront of those warning of coming medical catastrophes. Here he warns of findings associated with “sponge brain” that is beginning to be found in people who have been vaccinated. Ignore this at your peril. He reports scientists  around the world are studying this problem and seeking a solution. It’s a race against time because there may be no solution.

What can you do? If you have been covid “vaccinated” resist any further vaccinations. Go through every video here. Watch. Read. Think.

Human lab rat "innovation"

Click his face to hear Stefan Oelrich, Bayer board member speak at a World Health Summit. He admits the “vaccine” is a means to use billions of humans as guinea pigs – cellular gene therapy lab rats. He says, “Ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cellular gene therapy. I always like to say if we had surveyed two years ago in the public, ‘Would you be willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body’ we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate. I think this pandemic has opened many peoples eyes to innovation in a way that was not possible before.” Resist. Watch. Read. Think.

Fact checking?

Save yourself the trouble. All the so-called “fact checking” sites are opinions promoting the narratives of the organizations paying the bills. Facebook and Pfizer pay the bills of many “fact checking” sites. Reuters is a “fact checker”. These sites promote whatever misinformation their puppet masters demand. The nonsense and misinformation on these sites is corrupting the earth. Want a list of “fact checking” sites making money from misinforming people everywhere? See Wikipedia. All those sites spread information meant to control what you think. Watch every video. Read. Think for yourself.

The squawking parrot media

Literally all local and national news organizations in America are parroting the same thing everywhere. As you struggle to deal with the truth being reported on this website ask yourself this: “Why don’t I see this anywhere else?” These videos are in other places but you’d have to spend hundreds of hours to find them and dig through tons of others that may be interesting but they’re just opinions. The “build back” parrots want you to believe they have a magic wand that will make things better. In fact, they’re destroying your health and world with their misinformation. Worse is coming if you don’t resist. Stop and Think.

Be brave. Speak out. Resist.

The Canadian people are normally a calm and quiet people who are not out spoken but now they are being pushed by their government in ways that are contrary to their traditions and laws. In this video taken at some kind of town hall meeting a Canadian women tells Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, that he is a traitor. She reminds him that the Canadian people hang people for treason. She says, “You are working for your globalist partners. I wonder how much they’re paying you to betray Canada?” Rulers across the earth seems to have forgotten that given the opportunity those they oppress will kill them.

Unvaccinated not the problem

Professor Christian Perronne, MD, PhD, former Vice President of the World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization, said in August 2021,  “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others. … Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from the society.” The virus is perpetuated by the vast number of vaccinated which is exactly what the world’s immunological experts said would happen. Rulers seek to divide people by blaming the unvaccinated? The truth? The ones that will suffer most are vaccinated! Think.

More of you than them

Turn off the news. It’s fear porn. They want you to be afraid. They want you to eat their lies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe you can vote your way out of this mess. Choose people who have proven they will fight for the lives and the rights of the American people. Watch these videos and read about what they are doing to children, women, and the American people. Listen to the world class doctors and scientists here. They are speaking out against the insanity of what is being done to you and your family. Passports are about control and compliance. The American people have common sense. Resist. Think.

Something sinister happening?

The World Economic Forum is a real thing. They want total control. They want the American people to comply. They want a subservient America. They want an America on its knees not in prayer but instead dependent on them. Look around you. Does this seem far fetched? Does this seem impossible? Well, it’s happening in your lifetime. Right now. The media lies. Get the big picture? See the rise in crime? See society out of control? See a leadership based on lies that lies about everything? They are a house full of lies, incompetence and deception. Who is controlling this nightmare of death and global medical terror?

Changing your way of life

True. Airlines in Spain and Russia are warning people who have been vaccinated not to fly. You’ll see from the reports of experts below and analysis of the VAERS database people who have been vaccinated may develop blood clots throughout their bodies. These clots move through your veins and arteries and can cause death. If they go to your heart you have a heart attack and if they go to the brain you have a stroke. Spanish and Russian airlines are telling consumers the truth. Do you think airlines in America will do the same? Not likely. Why? Because people would think twice about flying if they knew the medical risk.

Consumers must be reassured

Yes, as you’ll see from viewing the videos and reading the materials below the vaccinated tend to develop dangerous blood clots. But if you’re an airline pilot and you’re flying hundreds of people in your plane and you have a blood clot related medical emergency what then? Captain Greg Pearson was pressured into getting vaccinated. This is his story. He’s asking his fellow pilots to come forward and tell their story of physical distress. But what about school bus drivers with forty kids in a bus? What if he or she has a stroke or heart attack? Before long insurance companies will charge a big premium to the vaccinated.

What is the truth?

As you go through this entire website you’ll agree the truth is shocking beyond your worst nightmares. Why? Because what’s coming is worse than the disease. No matter what you do the damage is already done. Think about what you’ve been told for two years? The lies. The changing mandates. The controlling egotistic and sociopathic behavior from what should be an elected and benevolent leadership. Today do this. Tomorrow do that. The insanity is the American people  as a whole regardless  of color or creed or political affiliation  are not telling this corrupt and oppressive leadership: “Stop this now.” Be brave. Think.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Revealing Truth

Systematic data analysis of the VAERS database tells the true story

Importance of VAERS

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc, has analyzed the data in the VAERS database related to the COVID shots. In the United States the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)database was started in 1990 as a way to track if vaccines were helping or harming people. If you’re not a scientist or medical professional these videos may seem unimportant, but, the truth is without VAERS the hell the covid vaccines are causing would never be discovered. As it stands Pfizer has asked the FDA and CDC to keep their records secret for 55 years. That alone is damning. The amount of death and damage being done is criminal. 

Under reporting to VAERS

In the above Dr. Rose says, “I predicated with my background that this didn’t seem to be about public health that the VAERS dataset was going to become atypical.” In other words, she saw that the VAERS database would show that the vaccines would not be normal, in fact, they would be odd, strange, or abnormal. Here she says that her findings do not consider the under reporting factor. She says that whatever factor you want to consider “these numbers become even more dramatic.” Many doctors are told by their hospitals not to report to VAERS. Experts multiply the true adverse events by 40 to 100 times.

Covid-19 vaccination failure

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc, says in view of the VAERS data it appears the scientific and medical community are doing more harm than good. She quotes “the definition of vaccination failure is the occurrence of a specific disease in an individual despite previous vaccination.” Despite their data the CDC says, “Most people who get COVID-19 are unvaccinated. … since vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing infection, some people who are fully vaccinated will still get COVID-19. An infection of a fully vaccinated person is referred to as a “breakthrough infection.” CDC lies. The vaxxed are the ones dying!

Could VAERS be wrong?

The CDC and FDA have poisoned the well of the entire medical establishment. They are politically motivated and even in view of the Adverse Vaccination Events reported in their own database, they want the public to believe the deaths and horrendous adverse events have nothing to do with the vaccines. Dr. Rose’s statistical presentations show what is really happening. The truth is worse than even she can say because “the weekly releases of VAERS data do not include all of their reports made to date. The backlog is likely to be staggering.” She is disturbed about the reports of female reproductive adverse events.

Why aren't these drugs used?

As a scientist, Dr. Rose sees exactly what the data is showing, and she says: “We will not be censored. We will not be divided. We are not afraid. We will not comply!” As of January 3, 2022 this is what the data Dr. Rose shows has been reported and is happening in America:

Deaths – 918,892
Hospitalizations – 5,663,330
Emergency Room Visits – 4,504,875
Disabled – 1,600,845.

Government imposed disaster

In this video, Nurse Colette Martin, RN, expresses her frustration: “”The reactions we’re seeing … are terrifying….” and testifies that “… the CDC admits only 1 to 10 percent of reactions are even being reported.” Going back to what Dr. Rose’s studies show, she says: “If what we are seeing in VAERS, and the other adverse event reporting systems, is the mere reflection of what is actually going on with regards to injuries … could be looking at a government imposed complete health disaster.” She says, “The majority of our nurses, nurse managers and some doctors do not even know what VAERS is. … hospitals not reporting.”

Corruption of medicine

Despite the suppression and censorship of the truth that is everywhere apparent the renown Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Jessica Rose wrote an important medical paper that passes peer review and is published then is suddenly removed from publication. Why? Because those corrupting every aspect of medicine are fighting to have children be vaccinated against the advice of these experts. Proof of tyranny? Dr. McCullough has saved thousands of lives using a combination of commonly available cheap medicines like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which the FDA and CDC want you to believe are useless. 

FDA and CDC ... corrupt

The importance of the truth of what is happening throughout the medical establishment of America should make you tremble. The accomplished serial entrepreneur, Steve Kirsch, an expert in his field, and a champion who’s alerting the American people to the injustices being inflicted on them gives a startling example of the under reporting of the health damage being done to the American people by the covid vaccines. He says, “these vaccines are off the charts in terms of a safety profile ….” Moreover regarding the CDC and the FDA he says: “these people are both incompetent and they’re corrupt.” Think. Resist.

They won't debate experts

In this video the nine gathered experts were stood up by members of Physicians MDs who didn’t show up because they didn’t like that the debate would be video recorded. Dr. Mike Yeadon, formerly a chief scientist and vice-president of a Pfizer allergy and respiratory research unit, says, “There’s a lot of wrong things going on. Really bad things….” Angela Wulbrecht, nurse for 23 years, suffered a crippling reaction to her covid vaccination leaving her unable to work. She says: “We’re ready to show our faces. Show our titles. Show our backgrounds. Show the world what we stand for. We have no problem being recorded.” 

VAERS reveals the truth

If you’ve been injured by taking a covid vaccination ask your doctor to make a complete report on VAERS. If your doctor or hospital refuses to make the report you can make your own report. This video tells how to do it. VAERS is so important as a means to establish whether or not a vaccine is harming people that it’s a Federal crime to make a false report. Also, it’s interesting that despite the ocean of injuries and death being reported in VAERS the government refuses to stop using these crippling vaccines. In the past if a vaccine harmed less than 50 people it was immediately pulled off the market. It’s important to report. Do it.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Complete Truth

These videos inform Canadians about their rights. Americans are protected by similar rights.

Less than 1% protection

Americans have at least as much protection against injustice as Canadians so these videos apply to you too: “The history of medicine is, unfortunately, the history of human experimentation without consent. It’s also the history of … human and government error.” In the USA the doctrine of informed consent requires the medical practitioner to tell the patient the good, the bad, and the ugly about a vaccine, for example. Then let the patient decide if they want it. The real question is how many people in the medical industry would tell you the truth about these so-called covid vaccines even if they knew the truth? Think.

They destroy the immune system

Doctors are under a lot of pressure to shut up and go along with the program. They’re told to vaccinate everyone including kids, babies, pregnant women, and old people with one foot in the grave. The complete truth is what you see in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data. Massive death and injury. That’s why smart doctors and nurses are not getting vaccinated. They know these vaccines are killing and injuring millions of people. They see hospitals being overwhelmed withe patients who have diseases caused by the vaccines because these “vaccines” destroy the immune system.

You cannot be forced

Tyrants are breaking their own laws and forcing people to get vaccinated. Not just once or twice. Over and over again. Why? They say it’s to keep you safe. But it doesn’t protect anyone. The more of these vaccines you take the more your immune system is destroyed. In Canada the Prime Minister says, “We’ll be there to foot the bill for provinces that roll out proof of vaccination programs.” That Prime Minister like American politicians are selling the big lie to achieve a political ambition no matter how many people they kill or injury in the process. It’s hard to believe they don’t know the evil they’re doing.

Vaccine Passports?

Vaccine passports don’t protect anyone but they will enslave and control everyone and make life unbearable. “All they are is digital tracking systems telling the government which citizens have had the injection, where they’ve gone and who they were with.” People who blindly trusted their government and the medical industry think vaccine passports will enable them to travel freely, but instead of protecting them they will suffer interminable medical problems. The death and injury and misery being inflicted on innocent people across the earth is on an unimaginable scale. Watch every video. Read every word. Resist.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Catastrophic Truth

This is why killer lymphocytes are invading the organs of the vaccinated

What the autopsies show

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Former Chair, Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene introduces the work of Dr. Arne Burkhardt, a professor of pathology who discovered by meticulous examination of the organs of Covid-19 vaccinated victims a horrifying truth that predicts a medical catastrophe that may afflict humanity for generations. The degree of harm these vaccines are unleashing on mankind is unimaginable because “It is now known that auto immune attack reactions leading to self-destruction are being triggered by these vaccines.” Think.

How immunology works

“What Dr. Arne Burkhardt found … the only common denominator was the … damned gene based vaccine that caused the production of this damned spike in the tissue…. no other reason for them to have died.” “When he says that killer lymphocytes have invaded the hearts and the lungs and sometimes other organs of these people the question arises, ‘Why the hell do killer lymphocytes invade the organs and the only answer is that these organs are producing the targets that are seen by these killer lymphocytes and that target is the viral protein because this is how immunology has worked since the beginning of mankind.'”

The coming hell on earth

Dr. Bhakdi pleads with you, “Why don’t you stop. Why don’t you force your politicians and your authorities to stop?” He says, ” I swear to you you are going to find things that horrify you if you do not stop this vaccination madness.” He says,”Your lymphocytes and the cells that are responsible for immune control over your body are dying….” “God help you if Tuberculosis breaks out.” While any one may be a victim to Tuberculosis the CDC says, “40 million in the U.S. carry the Toxoplasma parasite … anyone with a compromised immune system should be aware that toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences.”

The rich will die like the poor

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, a highly esteemed expert of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, says “… we have predicted that because of this damned vaccination there’s going to be an upsurge of Tuberculosis world wide. Especially in those countries where the Tuberculosis bacterium has been lying dormant in the bodies of these people and that is India, Africa, all of Asia.” The World Health Organization says “Tuberculosis deaths rise for the first time in more than a decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” The man made covid-19 disease is a toy compared to the threat of TB spreading globally.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Masking Truth

When did people everywhere throw common sense out the window?

Masks are killing kids

The masking question proves people have lost the ability to think.  Ignore the fact-checking parrots because its seems there’s a war against thinking. The anthropologist Margaret Mead traveled across the earth and concluded: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Think about what Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, says about the harm that masks are doing to children: “It’s horrifying. These masks increase the concentration of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) … children are running around for hours poisoning themselves … all these teachers and all these politicians … they are not allowed to kill our children.”

How to harm your baby

The cells in the brains of babies grow at an explosive rate. This growth is accelerated by mirror neurons that fire in their brains by looking at the region of faces covered by masks. Brown University published a study that said babies born during the covid pandemic have 22 points lower IQ than the average IQ of 100. Researchers were horrified by their findings because it means that these babies have IQs of 78, and babies who may otherwise have had IQs of 90 would suffer the 22 drop of IQ and have an IQ of 68. This is devastating for the future of humanity because it represents the dumbing down of the human race.

Many unable to speak

In the video above  doctors say the IQ loss can be overcome. The research study from Brown University says the IQ damage cannot be undone. Why? Because the neurons and connections in babies’ brains grow so fast that the deprivation of the growth and establishment of those neurons is not something you can go back and fix. What is causing this massive growth in speech difficulties? Is it the masks or perhaps the effect of the carbon dioxide poisoning that is chipping away at their brain cells? The CDC is insane to fear-monger and advise parents to wear masks indoors. What happened to “the science?”

The defrauding of America

The 24-hour fake-news cycle woman asks the man, “What do you tell parents? Are cloth masks just not good enough any more?” The man says, “Clothe masks aren’t going to provide a lot of protection. That’s the bottomline. This is an airborne illness. We now understand that. And a cloth mask is not going to protect you from illness.” Does the man think the American people can’t remember anything? From the start of the mask wearing charade you were told this was an airborne virus and masks would protect you. The man is Dr. Scott Gottlieb a former FDA commissioner who now sits on the board of Pfizer. Think.

The masking hysteria

The whole “wear a mask” mandates are about controlling a populace by spreading fear and causing disunity between people who have common sense and those who will do whatever you tell them to do even if it’s crazy to do so. Given the trust we put in the medical establishment it’s impossible to believe that the experts at the CDC and FDA didn’t know that the masks they demanded the American people wear were useless in deterring or in anyway preventing the spread of an airborne virus indoors or outdoors. Here the doctor proves that masks do not work. They don’t prevent this virus from spreading. 

Chinese masks in congress

If irony could kill then everyone in congress would be dead because they’re purchasing masks from China and requiring everyone in congress to use them. The virus the Chinese Communist Party manufactured as a bioweapon to murder people, and set the stage for the distribution of vaccines that damage the immune systems of everyone that is vaccinated and cause infectious diseases to rage across the earth for generations came from China. Fortunately, we haven’t lost completely because  the pundits can celebrate that the virus was free, even if congress is paying top dollar for the masks. 

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Attack-on-Women Truth

Covid vaccines harm women two, three and four times more often than men across the entire earth

Who is doing this to women?

While this information may seem dry and boring it’s vitally important to both men and women because the author of this statistical study is examining the rate by sex of vaccine death and injury recorded in the searchable databases of the United States of America’s Vaers data, the World Health Organization’s Vigiaccess data, and the European Union’s Eudraviligance data. Along with those databases he is also using Pfizer’s own reports to discover which sex suffers the most loss and injury from subjecting themselves to covid vaccinations. The result of this detailed examination of these medical databases is shocking.

Can they switch who is attacked?

Now that this attack on women has been discovered can the perpetrators of this crime cause greater death and injury to men just by changing components in the vaccine?

It’s impossible to know how evil this organized attack against humanity is or what it will do next. As you go through this website you’ll understand that if you vote by any means to submit to a vaccine passport they can use it to control everything including deciding to provide or deny medical attention to anyone. Be brave. Resist. Think.

Why are they attacking women?

In Pfizer’s own reports recorded more than 42,000 adverse reactions to their covid vaccine during the first 90 days. In addition they knew that sever adverse events including heart attacks occurred within 24 hours. The details show they knew that women were suffering three and four times the amount of adverse reactions over men. But they said nothing even though the adverse reactions were horrific and continue to afflict women. Is this more proof they meant to attack women? Why would they attack women the bearers of the human race? Why the great push to vaccinate everyone on earth and to injure and kill so many women?

Share this with all women

Although Pharma promised the vaccines would have a consistent reaction across all members of the population these videos and others prove the vaccines are having a worse effect on women than men. According to the European Medicines Agency a “safety signal” is “Information on a new or known adverse event that is potentially caused by a medicine and that warrants further investigation. Signals are generated from several sources such as spontaneous reports, clinical studies and the scientific literature.” The truth is by attacking women they are attacking the human race.  Protect women. Think. 

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The American Truth

Intense study of the data in the Vaers database discovers Americans are being killed on purpose

Studies of vaccine batches

Every food manufacturer is required to batch and date their products. That’s how they can order a recall of a product that is found to be harmful. The same goes for vaccine batches. They have to be labeled and records are kept about each batch. Once again using the data in the Vaers database this data scientist discovered the vaccine batches of the vaccine manufacturers are labeled according to their toxicity. And they’ve been systematically released in America, for example, to kill and injure segments of the population at will. This is how it’s done, and the strangest thing is it took someone in England to warn us.

Who's Attacking Republicans?

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent this should horrify you because they’re randomly killing people all over America and sending batches of their most toxic vaccines to Republican states to hide their criminal intent. The databases tell the murderous story:  “This is so consistent … it suggests the batches have been labeled for their toxicity and been systematically released.” Look around you. People are marching like sheep to slaughter begging to get injected again. The media and government are pushing safety and fear. Mind control. Wake up because they’re doing terrible things to our society.

Which companies did it?

Watch this video carefully. This research uncovers which vaccine manufacturer did what. This attack by this wing of the medical industry in America was carefully orchestrated. Two of them attacked America hard. One in particular led in killing and injuring Americans. Can you guess which one? One of the American companies did much less of this dirty work than the others. Apparently at least one American vaccine manufacturer didn’t enjoy killing Americans but the German manufacturer went all in and is killing Americans all over the country especially in Republican states. These companies are killing you.

You allowed them to poison you

One in two hundred batches were very toxic. The toxic batches were released in spurts. The effects of the highly toxic batches were horrendous and were meant to cause fear and convince people to comply with the crazy demands of the FDA and the CDC. The physical effects associated with this toxicity is difficult to watch. Truly the monsters who are doing this to people across the earth must be tried and executed for crimes against humanity. Resist. Demand justice. Execute these monsters. Your only chance is to comprehend the enormtity of what is being  done . Watch the videos. Read every word. 

"Toxic batches ... deployed systematically and deliberately upon the American people"

The Governors and Attorney Generals of the red states must move to protect their citizens by encouraging all doctors, nurses, and hospitals in their states to fully inform patients about the dangers related to covid vaccinations and the dangers related to any and all forthcoming covid-related oral medications and letting each patient make an informed decision about whether or not they want to be vaccinated, for example, and how they want to be treated if they’re victimized by covid.

What about military injuries?

In a separate study done after three high-ranking whistle blowers associated with America’s military service including Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Theresa Long, 30 years in the Army, who came forth to decry “the evil stupidity and anti-science character of the public health establishment.” This video tells the massive damage being suffered by Armed Forces personnel who are being forced to take the covid vaccinations. These finding are from the military’s own VAERS-like database known as DMED or Defense Medical Epidemiology Database. See for yourself: America’s military is being attacked from within.

Will the military hide the truth?

The military’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database is even more compelling proof of the harm being done by the vaccinations. Why? Because Dr. Peter McCullough says “this is different than VAERS. This is actual clinical capture.” In other words, this data is added to DMED during the medical examinations and has all the data from medical tests.  So this is irrefutable proof. The bad thing is there are reports of this data being altered by the DoD. But, the volume of data is so great and flowing in so fast from military bases across the earth that a huge number of people will rise to report this military corruption and fraud.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Microscopic Truth

The scientific method discovers what really happens when the blood comes in contact with the vaccine

Dr. Richard Fleming

Dr. Fleming is a PhD, MD and JD. In addition he is an inventor. What’s important here is as a JD he’s an attorney. He’s preparing an important case demonstrating these vaccines are producing catastrophic problems. Watch these videos because they detail how Dr. Fleming will prove the incompetence of the FDA, the CDC, the vaccine manufacturers and all those who support and defend the life threatening use of these dangerous so-called vaccines. Watch as he explains what he sees plain as day the damaging effects the Pfizer vaccines and how their use is killing people all over the earth.

Oxygen crippled in body!

Dr. Fleming tells step-by-step what he and Dr. McCairn did to examine what’s in the Pfizer drug vaccines. What they wanted to discover was “What does this drug vaccine actually do when it hits the blood?” They knew that the vaccine traveled all over the body when it entered the blood. But they wanted to learn more so they had to conduct research. They used a high powered microscope and other equipment to document everything they found by examining the blood under various conditions. What they found is shocking. The blood of the vaccinated loses the ability to carry life saving oxygen from the lungs to the body.

Tests done multiple times

Whether or not you’re interested in Dr. Fleming’s research, it’s important to know this especially if you’re thinking about getting vaccinated or boostered. In short, Dr. Fleming explains, “This is the consequence of Pfizer vaccine being added to human blood. This is not compatible with a good outcome as we’ve seen over and over again with deaths and injuries in the VAERS reporting system.” Fleming says the research shows “the complete leeching out of oxygen.” The tests were done multiple times and each time it shows “once the Pfizer vaccine is added … the oxygen is lost  … within a matter of minutes….”

Have you suffered from this ...

In addition to being a Phd and a Cardiologist and Nuclear Cardiologist, inventor and researcher, Dr. Fleming is also an attorney who is putting together an unique case against the covid vaccine manufacturers. “The drug vaccine manufacturers have had a certain immunity from liability … to reactions to the drug vaccines but that presumes that it’s just a drug vaccine. There’s a different product liability issue now … the selling of a defective product that unreasonably threatens a consumer. That promotes a new legal liability. … This is a strict product liability issue. Not an issue of the vaccines….” Watch every video. Think.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Vaccine Toxicity Truth

The destruction of the blood vessels leads to blood clotting throughout the body

Professor blows whistle

Dr. Michael Palmer, MD, and professor of chemistry at the University of Waterloo said in 2020 that COVID-19 was not nearly as dangerous as others have said it was, and that it wasn’t any deadlier than the flu.  To make it even more clear Dr. Palmer said, “Without COVID, these cases would mostly have been reported as due to the underlying disease, or sometimes as ‘pneumonia’, often without naming a specific causative virus or bacterium ….” In this video, Professor Palmer explains how the mRNA covid vaccines work, and what makes them so toxic and deadly when they use the blood stream to lodge into every organ in your body.

Destructive vaccine effects

Dr. Michael Palmer, MD, worked closely for years with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD. In this video Dr. Palmer refers to the work of Dr. Bhakdi his teacher, and Dr. Arne Burkhardt the professor of pathology who autopsied the bodies of people who were suspected to have died of covid, and his findings alerted the world to how covid-vaccinated patients die, and why anyone who is covid-vaccinated may have much to fear. In this video Dr. Palmer shows various slides of healthy cells in contrast to cells that have been damaged by contact with the spike proteins of covid vaccinations.  Wow. Important. Pay close attention.

White blood cells attacking

In this video Dr. Palmer tells why Dr. Bhakdi’s description of the effects of the covid vaccine resulting in killer lymphocytes running amok throughout the body and causing destruction is exactly what happens. Dr. Palmer says, “To have at the same time the lymphocytes attacking all organ systems that is unheard of…. We saw the destruction of the blood vessels leads to blood clotting. We have large and small clots all over the place in all variations…. We have to expect in some people if the damage to the lung, the liver and the heart prove survivable … in some specific organ some auto immune disease will be left behind.”

Causing DNA damage

At then end of the above video, Dr. Palmer says all mRNA vaccines contain cationic lipids and lipid toxicity cumulates across all mRNA vaccines and must be counted in a “lifetime dose limit….” Dr. Palmer thinks there is a sinister plan associated with the “dose limit” because if you go over the limit you drop dead. “This is the plan,” says Dr. Palmer. “It goes beyond covid. This mRNA technology is a great way to poison the population. …Everybody’s death will look a little bit different …. but ultimately they will all have been poisoned in the same way.” In this last video Dr. Palmer explains the difference between vaccines.

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Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Deadly Truth

Millions of people in the health and death industries know America is in trouble

They see what's happening

Do not watch this if you don’t want to see what many embalmers are seeing in the bodies of covid-vaccinated victims who have passed away. Warning there are graphic photographs in these videos. Dr. Jane Ruby interviews board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who has been in the embalming industry for 20 years. As an embalmer he has to go into arteries and veins of the dead and drain the blood so he can insert embalming fluid. For the first time in his career he ‘s seeing “unnatural blood clot combinations” and “strange fibrous materials that are clogging the vascular system. Graphic parts.

They need to speak out

First responders, doctors, nurses, morticians, funerals directors, and embalmers know what’s happening. They are seeing horrific things happening to people who have been vaccinated, and also what’s happening to them in hospitals. They know that the truth is being covered up. They’re afraid to tell what they’re seeing. Fortunately, Mr. Hirschman has decided that people need to know about what he’s seeing. Dr. Ruby asks many questions that encourage Mr. Hirschman to describe in detail both what he is seeing and what he thinks about it.  You can see he is mystified and concerned about what he’s seeing.

What is this composed of?

Dr. Ruby asks Mr. Hirschman if he is saving specimens of what he is finding. He says, “I don’t need to worry about having … if I embalm four bodies in one day it’s likely that two of them that have it.” As Dr. Ruby encourages him to speak, he says, “If this is caused by the vaccine imagine the amount of people that will be dying … because people can’t live with this kind of substance floating around in their vessels. It’s amazing how many people are dying of heart attacks and strokes. If one small fibrous tissue gets up into the brain you’re going to have a stroke. If it gets into your heart it’s going to lead you to a heart attack.”

Doesn't want to remove hope

Mr. Hirschman says, “There’s a lot of people that I love and that I know, family members, friends that have received this vaccine  … please take an aspirin a day. I don’t know if this will stop these kinds of fibrous clots but it can’t hurt you. I don’t want to put the fear into all the people that have already received these and end up taking away the hope from them.” He’s concerned because “If these things are growing slowly time is going to make it continue to grow.” Despite the grim outlook he says, “Whatever this stuff is if we can figure out what it is then maybe we can find a way to dissolve these things to help save people’s lives.”

Hospitals expanding morgues

Registered Nurse Corrine Lund says during the first year of the pandemic “there was no problem”. But now her hospital’s “three bay morgue” was expanded to hold five bodies. That wasn’t enough so at this time they have a large trailer parked outside the hospital that has a capacity for ten more bodies. She says, “There’s an up tick in deaths across the system….” And she adds, “This is unheard of. Suddenly people are dying and I think this is just the beginning.” Nurse Lund also says, “This is very disturbing … In this part of the country … there is a very high vaccination rate … the patients that are dying are vaccinated.”

Undertakers know the truth

Undertakers everywhere bury the dead. John O’Looney owns a family funeral home so he’s not at threat to losing his job for blowing the whistle. He’s been reporting what he’s been seeing in his business and England for two years. In short, he says at the start of the pandemic when the English and American media were reporting people were dropping like flies he saw no increase in business. Now, however, it’s a different story. He says people who are vaccinated are dying in large numbers. The story is the same all over the world. Governments and Pfizer encouraged vaccinations and immunologists said, “Stop!” Think.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Testing Truth

Testing to find blood clots throughout the bodies of the vaccinated

The blood clotting nightmare

Socrates said, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” Apparently, all doctors are not the same. Many do as little thinking as possible. This Canadian Emergency Room doctor says “the first part of 2020 was probably the slowest ever in the emergency department. When we went into 2021 when the vaccination roll out policies started” they saw an increase in the amount of strokes and similar events the severity of which could be measured with D-dimer tests. She says, “… never before …. have I seen the amount of people with D-dimers higher than 2,000, higher than 3,000, higher than 5,000.” 

The clotting caused by vaccines

Dr. Kilian “… saw an increase in bleeding from previous wound sites and well as rashes that could not be explained.” She enumerates various symptoms elated to blood clotting “as well as symptoms related to kidney failure because of the clotting ….” She explains what she was seeing was similar to an auto immune disorder wherein the body is making proteins “known as antibodies that mistakenly attacks its own cells or tissues.” All of this “is linked to an auto immune trigger.” Dr. Kilian says, “If I remain silent now I’m either complicit in it or just not brave enough to stand up against it.” Guess what happened?

Huge tendency to develop ...

In this video the accomplished Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, tells that a colleague has discovered “that people who have received this vaccine have a huge tendency to develop clots that can be seen in living patients in the retina because the eye doctors are the only doctors that look right at the thrombi.” He says, “They have the instruments. They look into your eye and they see them.” He calls for “the ophthalmologists of the world … to show us …. take pictures ….” This is important because blood clots in the eye can lead to blindness.

The PCR test manipulations

PRC tests can be manipulated at will. One company says, “Manage your instruments remotely with secure access.” So, the machines can be calibrated remotely like voting machines? If the government wants to panic people they can calibrate the equipment to show a massive number of positives. If they want to pretend that their masking mandates, for example, are working they can calibrate to show a great number of negative results. Yet, if people are truly sick and they get a negative result they go home and even though they are feeling bad they wait too long to go to the hospital and maybe die. Beware. Think.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Monstrous Truth

What these monsters have done and continue to do against women will destroy the human race

Pfizer Director admits unthinkable

Bombshell Disclosure. Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development admits on camera, “There is something irregular about their menstrual cycles… The vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that…It has to be affecting something hormonal…”  They are not testing anything. “I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line. I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body.” It does linger. “If something were to happen downstream … the scale of that scandal would be enormous.” It’s already happening. They ignore it. It’ll be happening for generations!

Shocking U.S. NIH Study findings

Huge study with more than 35,000 participants was funded by the NIH. This government agency found that more than 40% of vaxxed women experienced menstrual changes. This is shocking and is completely ignored by the media. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research. It may be, however, that all women who were vaxxed are injured in ways that may effect fertility. Barraged by government propaganda young women were forced to get vaxxed to go to college or keep their jobs. “These covid vaccines … having impact … fertility.”

Why is Pfizer attacking women?

Where is the RNA accumulating in women? The renown Dr. Robert Malone says, “In the limited studies that Pfizer did they accumulated to a very significant level … they seem to be concentrated in the ovaries.” This is not good news because the ovaries are where a woman’s lifetime supply of eggs are. “The ovaries are what drives the function of the uterus. The ovaries are what drives menstruation.” When huge numbers of women reported that their menstrual cycles were disrupted “the CDC and the scientific press” reported it as “female hysteria”. To destroy the human race attack the reproductive systems of women.

The scale of the monstrous crime

Pfizer knew from prior rat studies when injected into rats the particles accumulated in the rats’ ovaries “to a very significant degree.” These ultra small particles “are well known to pass through the placental barrier. The thing that keeps the baby safe … those particles getting through the placenta” … to the baby. “This may not be simply an effect on fertility. It could be causing infertility. Only manifest 20 years later when that little girl becomes of reproductive age.” “This is the scale of … things with gigantic consequences.” These are “things well known to the authorities … not being investigated … scariest stories … of covid.”

Problematic for pregnancies

Pfizer said the vaccinated would not get infected and they would not transmit covid. They lied. They said the spike protein would stay in the deltoid muscle injection site for 45 minutes or so and then disappear. Years later the vaccinated are basically spike protein manufacturing plants and the spike proteins have invaded every organ in the body and causing enormous problems. Medical experts agree with Dr. Stephanie Seneff who says a study discovered the highest concentration of the RNA is in the spleen, and in women, sadly, they found “the second highest level in the ovaries, which is very problematic for pregnancy.”

Possible end of human race?

People are waking up. Still many continue to think the CDC, FDA, and NIH are protecting the American people. Really? Despite countless hours of “safe and effective” propaganda, “They are trying to make it very hard for anybody to speak out against what’s actually going on.” Be brave. Think. How do you explain the evidence on this website that shows what’s true? Dr. Paul Thomas says, “If they get this COVID jab into every child … that might be close to the end of the human race. Because we don’t know what it’s doing to fertility, but it does not look good. It’s looking like it concentrates spike protein in the gonads.”

May kill all the eggs in the ovaries

Where do the spike proteins associated with mRNA injections go after each mRNA injection? Right after each injection, “Within 15 minutes they travel all over the body but including lodging in the adrenal, spleen, liver, and ovaries…. there’s no visible way these materials leave the ovaries.” And because they don’t leave the ovaries that means after each mRNA injection the materials accumulate more in the ovaries and the other organs. In short, they collect, gather, and pile up. Also, Dr. Naomi Wolf quotes Dr. Jim Thorp, a fetal-maternal specialist who says, “We don’t know if those eggs are alive after multiple injections.”

Remember! Bio accumulates!

Dr. Rose says according to a report “… published over ten years ago … these lipid nanoparticles not only bio distribute all over the human body but they bio accumulate, and one of the places where they bio accumulate is the ovaries.” In The Vaccine Toxicity Truth, Dr. Palmer says, “… lipid toxicity cumulates across all mRNA vaccines and must be counted in a “lifetime dose limit….” “This is the plan,” says Dr. Palmer. “It goes beyond covid. This mRNA technology is a great way to poison the population. … Everybody’s death will look …  different … but ultimately they will all have been poisoned in the same way.”

Women ignored and being blamed

CDC told doctors reports of changes in menstruation was a hysteria among women who were over reacting. Then a study funded by the NIH found more than 40% of women were having menstrual related adverse vaxx reactions. Dr. Malone says, “We have a clear trail of bread crumbs about reproductive toxicity that’s not being followed up.” The CDC, FDA, and the media continue with their “safe and effective” story aimed at everyone from old people to babies and all those inbetween. Meanwhile babies are dying in the womb. They are being born full of spike proteins, and many are dying suddenly, soon after birth. Why?

Reveals war on reproduction

Dr. Naomi Wolf says the “… mRNA vaccinations reveal bad outcomes at every stage of the cycle of conception … this is in the Pfizer documents.” Also, “It harms the babies. It harms the breast milk. Babies are not thriving.” This targets the next generation not only in America but everywhere across the earth where people have been lied to and forced to be injected with this poison. In addition to what it does to mothers and babies, Dr. Wolf says, “According to a recent sperm study, injection of the mRNA vaccine harms the quality and motility of the sperm.” Study found “a 15.4% sperm concentration decrease ….”

Doctors seeing the truth

Dr. Pierre Kory, one of many heroic figures who at the risk of their practices and reputations have been pushing back against the outright lies of the government and medical establishment, sees the tide turning. Doctors are dealing with the results caused by covid vaccinations. “The doctors now are seeing a lot of vaccine injuries … Neurologists are seeing stroke in patients with no risk factors at younger and younger ages. Oncologists. Cardiologists. There’s plenty of specialists who are seeing things to a degree they haven’t.” “This is a humanitarian catastrophe. … Ignored … Suppressed … Censored.”

Children at zero risk to covid

When asked if it would be a good idea to allow your daughter to be covid vaccinated, the renown pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, said: “Not only could you be sterilizing your daughter, you could be ruining her heart, you could be inflaming her liver, you could be inflaming her brain, her adrenal glands, her spleen, her bone marrow. Children are at zero risk for covid. Zero. Statistically zero. Healthy children do not die from this disease. Healthy children do not have severe adverse effects from this disease. … In children it is a sniffle …. Why would you give a gene based experimental shot to your child … all harm, all risk, zero benefit.”

Who's making war on humanity?

Hitler said the success of the Nazi movement required a state of constant war and chaos. Wolf says, “It’s really hard for people who are compassionate decent people to imagine there is a set of transnational oligarchs who are willing to make war on the human species. It’s human nature to believe that if you’ve never seen something before it can’t really be happening.” Such as a global lock down and government excuse for the assumption of executive powers. “The pieces are coming together of massive harms … through … same bad actors … W.H.O., China, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.” Think.

Bio attack on western nations

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a nonfiction writer who has written eight international and NYT bestsellers. Most are about women’s issues or about civil liberties and democracy. She is a fearless champion of the right to choose whether to accept vaccination or not. Insofar as what is happening to the American people, she says, “I’ve seen the 360 degree harms to human reproduction … There’s nothing to do but conclude that it’s an attack on the West and America’s ability to reproduce itself in the next generation.” In short, Americans are being sterilized by China with this bio-weapon and help of our government establishment.

Abnormal prolonged bleeding

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a scientist who has thoroughly analyzed the data in government medical databases. She concludes “One in 67 women …. who have only been injected with one dose” have reported an adverse reaction to shots. One dose is one shot. These shots are not vaccinations because they do not prevent the disease and do not prevent the spread of the disease. They are a gene therapy experimental shot that contains a poison to cause death and injury that scares more people into getting shots and boosters, and, also, gives governments an excuse to assume dictatorial powers across the earth.

If this happens "we're screwed"

In response to a question regarding mRNA, Dr. Rose says, “If this crap gets into the germline, we’re screwed.” Because “The spike protein itself, and also, the mRNA of the spike protein … is translocated to the nucleus of cells. …it’s getting to the nucleus.” In short, the blockheads who we’re letting kill us think they’re depopulating the earth to save it but may be destroying the human race because “germline DNA refers to tissue derived from egg or sperm reproductive cells that become incorporated into the DNA of every cell in the body of the offspring. A germline mutation may be passed from parent to offspring.” Be brave.

Genocidal against the human race

Dr. Naomi Wolf is the co-founder of an organization that has thousands of volunteers who are scrubbing through more than 50,000 Pfizer documents and reporting about the the crimes Pfizer, the FDA, and CDC are committing. “They’ve damaged … little boys in utero damaging their ability to reproduce even if they’re never vaccinated. They proved it in the Pfizer documents … and they kept going.” Also, “They destroyed the fertility of women. This is fully documented … the FDA knew and they kept going.” In short, “Now young adults are dropping dead … from heart attacks. …  It’s genocidal because it’s intentional.”

The vaccine "spike" is the poison

The popular Dr. Drew only realized how dangerous the clot shots were long after he was a very vocal advocate of covid vaccinations. God only knows how many people he convinced to be vaccinated. Now he says, “I was dismissive …. I was wrong. I apologize. I was as wrong as I can be. … Hubris and certainty is the enemy. You can’t be certain about a lot. … We’re at the stage now where … something significant is going on …. It’s looking like … the vaccine spike … it looks like something that is only delivering a spike which is, of course, the vaccine.” Much to his credit Dr. Drew is now interviewing many experts like Dr. Wolf.

Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

The Heroic Truth

The American people are freedom loving by nature and the real heroes now are the medical professionals and others who are speaking out

The unsung vilified heroes

Not all people who practice medicine are equally gifted. The truly gifted are those doctors and nurses who are speaking out against the injustice of hospital administrators whose only interest is to get the government money that is being poured out on the hospitals who do whatever the FDA and CDC commands them to do even when it means that hundreds of thousands of covid patients are dying in America. The corruption of the medical industry is on every side apparent.  If your doctor is unwilling to treat you with the medicines you choose that are proven to be saving lives they are proof of corruption. Listen to heroes.

Florida Governor fed up

Many doctors and nurses are fed up with the malpractices they see all around them. If they complain they are threatened with the loss of their jobs and the right to practice medicine. What you’re seeing is not only a crime against humanity but the crushing of civilization by the corrupt ruling class who are using covid to kill people everywhere. You have to resist because as you can see from these videos the “vaccines” are doing incredible damage. The doctors and scientists who speak out are warning you. Thy’re telling you to stand up to those who are using you like lab rats and calling it innovations. Vaccine passports? No.

They have more in store for you

Millions of people across the earth have been murdered by those who paid for and managed the narratives associated with the spread of the covid pandemic.  Do you think they are going to suddenly stop killing people? Did Hitler stop the war when he knew he was losing? No. They won’t stop because they know they will be tried in courts of law for crimes against humanity or be torn apart limb by limb by those they rule. These monsters will continue to pollute the earth with viruses. Why continue this insanity unless you want to reduce the population?

Courage to stand against

In the face of a 300% increase of miscarriages, an almost 300% increase in cancers, and over a 1,000% increase in neurological issues – all due to covid vaccinations says Tom Renz while testifying before a congressional committee and producing three whistle blowers. The neurological issues alone increased from “82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year. Our soldiers are being experimented on ….” Attorney Renz says, “This is corruption at the highest level. We need investigations. The Secretary of Defense needs to be investigated. The CDC needs to be investigated. Thank you for having the courage to stand against ….”

Died of medical malfeasance

Nicole Sirotek , RN, shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC during the time when Governor Cumo killed more than 10,000 senior citizens with his incompetence. She tells of “the complete medical mismanagement of these patients.” She says the problem is that medical professionals “have been prevented from doing their jobs.” She says, the pharmaceutical companies came in to practice medicine with Remdesivir … “we all saw it was killing the patients….” “We knew what was happening ….” She said the hospitals said, “We’re just following orders.” She said, “If you put down it was a vaccine injury …..”

How many died from covid?

The facts are in. During the past two years of covid hysteria only 17,371 people in England have died from covid. So in January 2022 the Brits got out of the mass deception parade. No more lock downs. No masks. No vaccine passports. When will America do the same? Never because there are more elections to be stolen. More panic and hysteria to spread. And more Americans to be killed by their corrupt government via the German vaccine manufacturer and more babies to be made dumber by the wearing of masks and, of course, more calls for vaccine passports. Wake up America. Speak up. Resist. Be brave.

More than 17,000 doctors

Every doctor and scientist in the United States should be a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, but not everyone is courageous. Not everyone is willing to speak out even when they see medical atrocities  on every side. Not everyone learned the valuable lesson that when the going gets tough the tough get going. Every American should be proud of these doctors and scientists who are willing to put their careers and reputations on the line in matters where disclosing the medical and scientific truth is more important than remaining silent in the face of the destruction being rained on humanity. Wake up. Watch. Think.

People like you across the nation

Freedom is important. Without it your local and national government will abuse and corrupt your children. They will take away every right your ancestors fought and bled to preserve. There are organizations and chapters of organizations like Make America Free Again across the nation. They’re raising awareness about the injustices that are being pushed on the American people to try and create a people who can be frightened and pushed into doing whatever the ruling class tells them to do. Where are the organizations that promote the opposite of freedom? There are many. They hide their intentions. Watch. Think.

They're coming for our children

Listen to this impassioned speech as if your freedom depends on it. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a renown attorney, champion of the environment and rights of children. He is the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and the son of Robert F. Kennedy both assassinated for daring to stand up for the right of the American people to be free and not be controlled by an array of corporate interests. Senator Kennedy spoke on January 23, 2022 before a huge crowd who gathered in Washington DC to protest governmental tyranny that seeks to force people to be vaccinated and carry vaccine passports. ThinkResist.

Fight for your freedom

Governments are out of control. Wicked people are killing millions of people across the earth. These people are making insane choices that will affect every aspect of your life. For example, today both military and civilian pilots are being forced to get vaccinated. Soon there will be few American pilots who are not vaccinated that are flying planes with you and your families in them. If you’ve been reading carefully and watching the videos you know what that means. Most pilots will have life threatening blood clots flowing through their veins and arteries. Anytime they could have a heart attack or stroke and crash their plane.

The heroic MSgt John Chapman

What does a heroic person do? This video recording of the actions of Air Force combat controller John Chapman, the recipient of two Medals of Honor, demonstrates what courage and sacrifice looks like. The cowards in government and on school boards and those who administrate hospitals that prevent doctors from treating patients with proven medical protocols that have saved hundreds of thousands of victims of covid across America should be ashamed of themselves. Where possible you have a duty as a citizen on the United States of America to vote in courageous people who will defend your freedom.

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Each section tells part of the true story. Watch it all. Read it all. Save your life. Think.

Struggle to wrap your head around all this. You have to know this because truth matters and knowledge is power, freedom and life.

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As demonstrated by the videos and other material on people living in and through the covid-19 “pandemic” and its associated global “vaccination” programs have suffered a crime against humanity that surpasses any in all recorded history. Despite the ever increasing mountain of evidence regarding the horrific nature of this crime digital and printed media across the earth are not covering nor decrying this politically inspired monstrous crime against humanity; and, instead, they are fanning its flames and intensifying its spread. Therefore it is the duty of people of good will everywhere who are able to do so to use the remedy and law associated with the United States of America, Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, and similar laws in other nations, as a means to alert people of this continuing injustice that threatens the lives of billions of people.